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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 18, 2016 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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despite what they and others went through just about 24 hours ago. the rampage traveled a merciless path if one of those things that's surreal. >> reporter: one woman killed five others injured two of them law enforcement officers. >> then i heard it getting closer and closer and this one was like mommy they shooting. >> reporter: first shots fired around 11:20 p.m. 18 into the cruiser of philadelphia police sergeant sylvia young parked on the 5200 block of san son street. >> fortunately at least one or two were lodged in her ballistic vest. she took some rounds to the arm. he actually struck her service weapon twice. >> reporter: that disabled her weapon and the gunman identified as 25-year-old nicholas glen fled one block east. there police say that glen fired five shots into a lounge hitting a security guard and using a woman as a human shield before shooting her,
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too, in the leg. on 49th and sansom a man and a woman in their car would become the shooter's next victims. the 25-year-old female died at the hospital several hours later. in a nearby alley way police cornered glen, a shootout ensued. university of pennsylvania security guard eddie miller was shot but is expected to recover. the suspect was killed. again, those two officers are in good condition and the three other bystanders are expected to recover. reporting live in west philadelphia, i'm alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> alex thanks for that update. our coverage continues with a much closer look at the suspected gunman in this case as "eyewitness news" reporter joe holden tells us nicholas glen was in stranger to police. >> stay behind cover. >> reporter: nicholas glen a known west philly drug dealer according to his family disliked law enforcement. this is audio from philadelphia police radio
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revealing the moment just before midnight when it's alleged glen was hunting down officers and others with his 9-millimeter ruger. >> he was like a brother to me. he was quiet, cool. he didn't bother nobody. >> reporter: family of nicholas glen the first sign something was wrong was when a reporter showed up at their door. glen's cousin dee dee asked we not show her face. >> did he he have late for police. >> no, no. >> he was involved in -- >> in the streets, yeah. >> reporter: heroin. >> i don't know what he sold but i know he was in the streets. >> obviously he was hell bent on hurting a lot of people. >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross told reporters glen had issues with police and his probation officer. the details ross says were couldn't neighborhood a rambling note found at the crime scene. >> the envelope was actually entitled doomed and he was referring to i guess anybody who was going to be in his path. >> reporter: police say glen
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has a lengthy court history. hack chewed 2009 of a vicious gang rape charges were later dropped according to a court docket. >> extreme caution take cover. >> reporter: police officials say it's a miracle officers weren't killed an attack on police and people that nicholas glen's family doesn't believe he could be responsible for. >> i don't believe this could be realism nicholas glen's family could not point to anything specific that may have set him off. they did tell me they tried to have him committed for a mental health evaluation but police told them for that to have happened he would have had to have hurt himself or somebody else. in west philadelphia, joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> last night shooting was just about a mile from where philadelphia police officer jessie hartnett was ambushed back in january. a gunman shot the officer while he was in his patrol car at 60th and spruce. officer hartnett did survive. police say edward archer confessed saying he did it in the name of islam.
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his trial is said for october 21st. we're following breaking news right now. police and firefighters are at the scene of an explosion in manhattan. at least 26 people were hurt around 8:30 tonight when a dumpster exploded in chelsea on west 23rd street. witnesses describe the moment they felt this blast. >> well, i heard a big explosion. i heard boom, boom, boom, boom, boom -- two big noises. >> reporter: you heard two big noises. >> two big noises, yeah. >> i'm scared actually because the subways are not working. >> the injuries are all reported to be minor. the cause of this blast is still unknown at this hour but there is still a very active investigation under way there in manhattan. meantime hours before the explosion in manhattan, a pipe bomb explodeed in -- in a trash can.
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investigators say this device was set off by a time. the explosion blew a hole in this plastic trash can just as 5,000 runners in the semper fi charity race were due to pass around 9:30 this morning. >> i heard it. i controlled my neighbor and said what was that. >> that was actually a very good thing because had it not been delayed we would have been running bile where the explosive device was. >> reporter: but heavy turnout for the race benefiting marines and sailors slowed registration and delayed the start. no runners were on the course and no one was hurt. >> we are working side by side with our law enforcement partners from the federal state and local officials and we're working together to conduct a thorough investigation to find out who is responsible at this time. >> reporter: officials say other items were found in the trash can, a new jersey state police bomb squad rendered them safe. >> it was clearly intended to go off at a certain hour and so there was definitely intent to hurt people. >> reporter: nearby residents of the jersey shore
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beach town were temporarily evacuated. trash cans in the area were searched but no suspects none other devices have been found. well, race was canceled after the explosion. several beaches in the area will remain closed until further notice. also tonight a candlelight vigil in memory of an eight-year-old little camden girl as the search for her killer does continue. family and friends gathered to remember gabrielle carter. she was shot near her home on south eighth street on august 24th. yesterday police announced the arrest of a woman accused of providing a false alibi for a person of interest. there is still a $76,000 reward for any information leading to carter's killer. we're turning now to our weather forecast. we're tracking rain for the end of our weekend. meteorologist lauren casey is in is -- in the weather center. >> philadelphia our last measurable rainfall we only
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have less than a half inch so far this month. for the year we're nearing 5-inches in the rainfall deficit. we definitely need some rain. we could see that when we look at the grass. storm scan3 showing pretty dry conditions, clear sky conditions along the jersey shore. a couple sprinkles in the poconos but we have a cold front up wind, a line of showers and thunderstorms developing along that frontal boundary that will slowly work its way eastbound as we head into the day tomorrow and monday as well so we'll start off with the rain chances for tomorrow kind of scattered in nature. best chance during the daytime hours it's going to be west of i-95 and we'll see that chance kind of shift for late day and into the overnight period along the i-95 corridor and points east. some pockets of heavy rain are possible and we'll get a little dose of moisture from the remnants of tropical storm julia. it's not going to be a ton but it will be a little bit extra to help enhance our rain chances. we'll talk more about the sunday storm threat and persisting into monday as well and then fall officially begins as we head into next
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week so can we expect some fall-like conditions? i'll have the answer coming up. >> all right lauren we'll see you soon. thank you very much. eagles are preparing for monday night show down with the chicago bears and some members of the team are thinking a little bit more about just football. lesley van arsdale is here to tell us about a planned protest. >> not sure what it's going to be but several players plan some type of statement during the national anthem monday night. this has been happening around league since colin kaepernick refused to stand during the anthem because of social injustice in america. malcolm jenkins says he does support colin's view point. he and several players haven't decided what they're going to do monday night. couch pederson says he respects their right to protest but doesn't want it to affect the team. >> malcolm and i have talked about this and, you know, it's -- it's going to happen regardless of what i -- what i decide or say and i respect, i
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respect the players' decisions on it and -- the big of the thing is i just don't want it to become a distraction to the rest of the team. >> it's a fine 39 walk when you talking about a team atmosphere and making sure that -- you know, you are cognizant of the guys next to you but at the same time, you know, it's bigger than football. >> pederson has said if the team wants to lock arms in a show of solidarity he's all for it. >> we'll have to wait and see monday night. >> yeah, all right. thank you very much lesley. we'll see you later in sports. penn state university did pay homage to joe paterno. members of paterno's 1966 team participated in the coin toss just before the game with temple. it's been five years since paterno was fired by university trustees for his lack of response in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse scan today. lesley van arsdale will have highlights from the game.
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that's coming up in just a bit in sports. stay with us everyone. still ahead tonight on "eyewitness news" a bus carrying members of a college football team hits an overpass. what investigators think may have caused this deadly crash. plus, why the un security council calls an emergency meeting tonight over an air strike carried out by the united states. we're back in a moment.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" with a deadly charter bus crash in north carolina. four people were killed and more than 40 others injured when the bus struck an overpass near rockingham. the bus was carrying college football players from south
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carolina. investigators think the crash may have been caused by a blown front tire. syrian military said a coalition air strike today hit a regime military position in eastern syria. u.s. officials say the coalition thought it was hitting isis militants but hours later said the air strike may have struck syrian soldiers. in an urgent meeting called with the un security council tonight russia and the united states defending their differing positions on the air strike. campaign 2016 news. the presidential candidates are rallying supporter this weekend. hillary clinton addressed the congressional black caucus foundation gala tonight. >> it's not about golf course promotions or birth certificates. it comes down to who will fight for the forgotten. who will invest in our children and who will really have your back in the white house. >> republican nominee donald trump addressed the remembrance project in houston
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today. the group advocates for tougher immigration laws. >> politicians ignore your cries for help. but i never will. not one more american life should be given up in the name of open borders. >> trump pledged to the families of americans killed by illegal immigrants that he would shine a national spotlight on this issue. there are only 51 days until the presidential election. of course stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage. both on air and online at president obama also addressed the congratulations congressional black foundation gala tonight and jokingly addressed the birther controversy. >> i am so relieved that the whole birther thing is over . >> [laughter] i mean, isil, north korea,
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poverty, climate change, none of those things weighed on my mind like the validity of my birth certificate. >> the president urged democrats to register voters for this election. we'll need the umbrellas tomorrow. i got to dag it out. >> yeah, got to drag it out. we'll take any chance we can get at this point but it was a beautiful start to the week. a cool start this morning. we started off at 59 degrees in philadelphia but ended the day in the low 80's. that's above average and we're sitting right now in the low 70's, a nice quiet night in center city philadelphia. we he do have the southerly component to our wind he flow that's going going to
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warmth and moisture. philadelphia at 73, doylestown 70, 74 your current temperature in bethlehem. poconos at 66 degrees after one of our coolest starts friday morning, yeah, temperatures tomorrow morning are going to be way elevated and you can see he that he reflected in our temperature change. over the last 24 hours on the order of five to 10 to even 15 degrees with this warmer and more moist air mass building in. the dewpoints definitely showing that. we got a nice taste of fall on thursday and friday but that muggy factor has returned now. with dewpoints well up into the 60's and they'll be hovering around that 70-degree mark throughout the day tomorrow. so, overnight tonight temperatures are going to be very mild, only falling back to 70 degrees in philadelphia, down to 72 in millville only dropping to mid 70's across portions of the jersey shore and overnight tonight, those muggy conditions stay with us maybe even a stray thundershower possible especially west of i-95 and then for our sunday we'll see some breaks of sunshine but clouds will be the trend, warm
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and humid, up to 85 degrees with some spotty thunderstorms developing especially as we head into the second half of the day. storm scan3 showing us quiet conditions, nice and clear along the coast, more clouds up towards the lehigh valley. there is our cold front slow moving in nature but definitely doing a good job of generating showers and thunderstorms across portions of western pennsylvania and upstate new york. talking about the tropics right now. we do have one system to watch, it's still well away from us here's the west coast of africa. tropical storm karl is likely to strengthen over the next couple days and next week into a category one hurricane, this from the national hurricane center so a system to keep an eye on. but i focused on that rain chance much needed across the delaware valley. best chance going to be up towards the lehigh valley poconos through the first half of the day on sunday then better rain chances towards the i-95 corridor and down the shore late day tomorrow and then tomorrow night i think we're going to see our best rain chances late tomorrow
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night and through the first half of the day on monday and notice the rain continues to come down kind of scattered in nature even into monday afternoon before that cold front makes an exit as we head into monday night. but with the help of some of that tropical moisture from the remnants of julia we'll get a pretty good shot at some healthy rainfall totals. this is one model picking up over an inch plus in some areas through this rain event mainly sunday night and into monday so watching out for those showers an few embedded thunderstorms. in the poconos tomorrow might spoil your hike 74 degrees. not too bad down the shore, sunshine to starter but watch out for late day thundershowers with high temperature of 79 degrees. and we'll be running above average in most places once again topping off on the warm side in trenton tomorrow at 87 degrees. we'll numb at 85 in wilmington and we keep the 80's around even as we head into tuesday on the backside of that first cold front. still muggy but then we are going to see a secondary dry front move through tuesday night which will bring us
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lower humidity just in time for the official start to the fall season. looks like we are going to ring it in on a warm note but comfortable on thursday with sunshine and a high of 82. >> yeah, it is starting to feel and look a little more like fall don't you think? there's something in the air. fall-like. [laughter] >> thank you so much lauren appreciate it. all right lesley. >> big game on monday. >> what, you don't say. [laughter] >> i thought it was tomorrow. i'm all excited. i'm a day ahead. >> ready for it to begin. >> i know. >> how will carson wentz deal with the loud crowd at soldier field in chicago? he'll tell us. could temple w
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>> eagles with one final practice today before leaving for chicago tomorrow tight end zach ertz and cornerback leodis mckelvin will not
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play. this will be the first road game for carson wentz playing in soldier field. the birds plan on using a silent count to help beat the noise but this is going to be carson's first time using it. >> expected to be a loud environment. we expect it to be an exciting -- exciting environment. we're going have to work on some silent snap count and some different things and it's going to be monday night football. everyone is going to be pretty behind and ready to go. we just got to focus in and we'll be ready. >> worked out great this week. we worked in the shotgun and under center as well. sometimes it's good to work it at home in home stadiums when you are crowd is loud. >> we'll get you ready for the game tomorrow morning on sunday toyota kickoff. join us tomorrow at 11:30 right here on cbs3. college football last year temple shocked penn state at a sold out lincoln financial field for their first win against the nittany lions in 74 years.
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we're going to pick up the action in the fourth temple trailing by 10 penn state players both teams going for the loose ball. temple recovers on the 1 yard line. three plays later we have the handoff to jahad thomas. penn state got the ball pack. saquon barkley with the ball a big hole up the middle. barkley with a nye nice cut and runs out the temple defense 55 yards to the house. once again penn state with a 10-point lead. philip walker's pass intercepted by john read. that is your ball game. penn state beats temple 34 to 27. >> i thought our defense played well, you know, really played well. we got to stop turning the ball over on offense puts our defense in a tough spot but i thought our defense played well. overall we found a way to grind it out and get a win against a good football team and something to build on, something to build on going into next week.
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>> main line andy tali's villanova wildcats starting conference play against towson cats defense dig deal. rob roll with the pick in the end zone. rob got some blockers and he rolled 100 yards for the score. villanova won 40 to 21. hard to believe 14 games left for the phillies. tonight they took on miami down at the bank. marlins still fighting for a wild card spot. phils looking for their second straight win. phillies took control of the game in the first. no score odubel herrera with the live line drive. cesar hernandez motors home. one-nothing. maikel frank he cole with the line drive into left field corner. herrera scores easily on this play. phillies have a two run lead. bases load for aj ellis and
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he'll clear it. five i've nothing. that is plenty of run support for jeremy hellickson. he threw a three hit complete game shut out. phillies beat the marlins eight to nothing. >> hard to believe. >> thank you very much. ready for some football.
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>> welcome back everyone. heavy rain and stricter security did little to actually dampen the spirits of beer lovers at the start of year's oktoberfest. the festival opened in the
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bavarian city of munich germany today. munich's mayor tapped the first keg. during the traditional mark of the innkeepers bands they marched throughout the city and oktoberfest area. security is extra tight as you can imagine in the wake of the recent terror attacks in europe. oktoberfest runs through october 3rd. and families had a lot of fun at the 2016 ethiopian day celebration in philadelphia today. live music and dance all part of the excitement at 44th and chestnut. organizers honored "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon with an award today. congratulations. we'll be right back. stay with us.
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>> that's "eyewitness news" everyone. i'm natasha brown for lauren lesley all of us here thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you tomorrow. take care. >> ♪
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the weekend "insider" from hollywood. your 24/7 celebrity conversation. ♪ >> what does the song mean to you? like i said, breaking out of a situation. did taylor's ex put her on blast in a new song? >> that's part of our good week -- >> bad week. >> people are professionals here. we look out for each other, and that's just the way it is. >> with bill o'reilly sounding off on the fox news shake-up. >> then -- what wept through your mind when this happened on the dance floor tonight? >> excuse me. hey, back off! back off! >> i thought it was a joke. >> "dancing with the stars" goes on high alert as protesters rush ryan lochte. plus the new "fifty shades darker" trailer has us hot under the collar. we go inside the fifty phenomenon and the rise of the erotic romance novel.
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>> my husband doesn't know that i read it. now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider." >> hello, everyone, and welcome to the weekend "insider." i'm taking you inside the wizard of fashion league, but first in hollywood holding down the fort. >> let's start with the biggest stories in hollywood, starting with our good week/bad week. >> it was a good week at first for taylor swift, supporting her girl gigi hadid at new york's fashion week. but by friday, a bad week thanks to the buzz surrounding her ex, d.j. calvin harris' new single. ♪ >> there's an elephant in the room. >> there is? ♪ >> what does the song mean to you? >> it's like i said. it's breaking out of a situation. >> many are speculating it was a swift situation. >> i am a big fan of combining si sad lyrics with happy music. we're coming into the winter.
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>> is that what it is? ♪ >> promoting what many are speculating is a dis track against taylor. he visited el visz duran and earlier ryan seacrest. >> what is this song about? >> it could be about a relationship. you've got a girl and a guy. you were in my way. >> and it was a good week for bill o'reilly, who celebrated the release of his new book "killing the rising sun" and at the same time talked to me about the new normal at fox news now that his former boss is out. >> you came out saying publicly that roger ailes was a great boss. >> best boss i've ever had. 95% of the people who have worked for roger ailes would say exactly the same thing. >> critics say now that your opinion is that because you are a male. what do you say to those critics? >> i don't say anything to anybody about that. i respect the company that i work for. anything that i say on this issue is going to be turned around and used as a weapon against fox. so i don't say anything. >> caution. you are about to


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